After I got my son Henry, there was no time or energy to either work as a designer, write for film or try to conquer the big one, so I spend two years writing short stories.



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A Cat Called Possibility

Kurt is convinced his dead brother lives on in the neighbours birch tree. One morning as he steps outside, he realizes the neighbour is about to cut the tree down to make space for a kitchen terrace.


Today Is A Blessed Day

Baby Cecilia gets the memory of all her reincarnations activated as her brother sticks a needle into her brain.



What  happens if you meet the boy of your dreams, only to have him slip through your fingers? How do you heal a broken heart?


The Gate at the Edge of the Desert

Riksha must find a way out of the ancient Temple City, or he will be an Unnamed, a slave without gentials, for the rest of his life.


Rule No. 8

A girl dreaming of her fathers attention, realizes he is a doctor for children. She spies on him and sees how loving he can be, more loving to these children than to her. Her life is changed forever.


Gabriel finds the lost love of his life and takes his power back.


A homeless man, who has searched for God all his life, enters church on a rainy day.


Entirely Without Regret

A mother has a breakdown when her child refuses to put on her boots.


A Paper Heart

A young girl who is bullied, finds strenght in an old postcard of Jesus.


Piggy Ballet

Renee finds her husband drunk, dressed in her vintage Chanel ballgown. It might be time to kill him.



Walker finds a new authority within himself as he finds himself face to face with an escaped lion.


The Song of a Dog

After the war, a girl finds herself closer to her dog than to her family.


The Letter

A husband finds an erotic love letter to his wife.


The Spider in the Corner

A dying woman changes her life after discovering a spider hiding in a corner.