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I studied screenwriting at the National Film and Television School in London.


The Confession

Sam is about to go to his first confession. Quiet and sincere, he has nothing to confess. His best friend Jacob convinces him of the necessity to commit a sin in order to become a true Catholic.

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A walruss falls in love and tries to win the lady of his heart from a cocky seal.

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Fire of the Heart

A young priest, secretly struggling with his faith, moves to a remote village and hears rumours of a reputedly mad woman living alone in a hut on the mountian.


Sleep My Love

Trudi, a beautiful young woman of the best society, is about to get married to a dashing young doctor. Their future promises to be, inspit of the war, all roses. On the day of their engagement party, a letter arrives for Trudi from Berlin. Her application for marriage is refused. She is thought to carry unwanted genes and is not allowed to reproduce.


This thing with kids

A couple in their mid-thirties are trying, and failing, to get pregnant.


If Only She Knew

A girl is in love with her stepfather.


Dearest Thief

A woman has the bad habit of sneaking into peoples rooms while they sleep (Story idea by Nele Hecht.)


The Temptation of Friedrich Schwartz

Fred believes God punishes him for masturbating, everytime he does the dreadful act, something bad happens.


Love On Hold

Maggie is the odd one out as a single on a couples vacation in Tuscany, until the gorgeus George turns up.