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There is hardly a day in my life where I haven't written. Diaries, angry letters to God, love letters to lovers, too long letters to friends, short stories, screenplays, words hidden under tables and cartoons. My issues with life are big and many, and so I find writing a way to face these issues and being able to have some fun while working out these challenges. If I weren't so shy I would have loved to become an actress, but since I just can't access any kind of emotion while other people are around, my chances of having success in this field are about plus minus zero. Not that success is my main goal. No, it is not. My grand goal is Understaning The Universe. Which is probably why I wake up with a hangover most days. 

My writing has been published in numerous magazines, also the New Yorker keeps rejecting my submissions. I proudly hang these rejections on my wall. The screenplay I wrote for my graduation at filmschool ended up winning the Student Oscar and was then nominated for the Real Oscar. Yes, I went to Los Angeles and I sat there next to my friend Tanel who directed the film and I bumped into Colin Firth in a VERY narrow corridor, and I bumped into Helena Bonham Carter in a VERY narrow ballroom and I just happend to step on the toes of Javier Bardem in a VERY narrow dining room. I also did not stare at Natalie Portman/Nicole Kidman/Jennifer Lawrence/Michelle Williams/Annette Benning while contemplating severe plastic surgery. I also did not linger strangely in the corner where Christian Bale and James Franco could be found at some point.

I have a kid, he is called Henry and is three years old. When I am staring out into nothing, he has taken to say: Are you thinking about your book, mami? To which I reply, Yes, Henry. I am writing a book. But I am not. I am just taking a mini holiday in the Bahamas instead of doing the dishes/folding the washing/or actually writing the damn book I am working on.