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My first novel is a story about a girl who loves cats, reads poetry to dogs and has promised herself to never, ever fall in love. 

The second book is much shorter and is a story about how love can open you up to your own creativity and the unexpected forces inside of ourselves.

The third novel is on its way through. It is a fantasy story about the survival or fall of an ancient Queendom.


We love this book for many more reasons than its magnificent cover.
— Therese
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GEM of a book these stories have stayed with me for a long time!
I read it again. And again.
— Bettina
LOVE IS A ... box.JPG
Took it with me.
— Kevin
LOVE IS... 2.jpg
I couldn’t stop reading.
— Annika
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Entertaining funny and charming.
I love this book.
— Dagmar
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Always nice to find my book in a friends shelf.
— Caroline
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Brilliant story.
— Erica
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Great time on the beach.
— Anna
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Caroline’s writing is fantastic! Funny and uplifting.
— a fan
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